Identity Protection When You Are Online Simple Ways to Stay Safe

In a world where technology can be misused you need to make sure that you protect your personal information the same way you protect your wealth because your personal information is your wealth and many things can go wrong if that is compromised. Although, we make use of the Internet all day long we never really think about if our data is being leaked out or if someone is spying on us through viruses and malware. Hence, we need to be sure that we are protected at all times especially when we are online. This is an article sponsored by Gather App

Using Anti Virus and Malware Software

Most hackers and spammers make use of backdoor that is often left open and therefore you need to have anti-virus and malware protection that can help you to secure your internet connection. This software is available in the market and therefore you can buy them and install them on your computer so that you can be sure that your data is always protected even when you are on the internet. You can search for the best software that can protect you against multiple threats that you can experience when you are online.

Improve Your Firewall Protection

You need to make sure that you have better firewall protection that can protect the data going in and out of your computer. When you are on the internet there is a constant traffic of information that flows in and out of your system. When you have a good firewall protection on your system you can be sure that you know the kind of information that is going out and you can define what kind of information you want other sites or servers to access and which ones you need to keep private.

Sharing Data on Social Networking

We love to stay connected and social networking sites offer us the right kind of experience that we need. However, staying connected and sharing too much of the data can over-expose us and make us vulnerable and easy targets for those who want to make use of our information for wrong. Social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are loaded with fake accounts that these hackers and spammers create and when you add them to your profile they can view all the information on your account and they can gradually sneak into your personal data.

Hide Your IP

When you are on the internet you give out too much of information through your IP address and therefore it is recommended that you make use of proxy software that does not give out your true IP address. Many people make use of proxy software that hides their actual IP and in some ways that protects your identity and true information from hackers and spammers. Although, this is not the best way to protect your identity when you are online but it does offer the security that you will need to ensure that your actual IP address is not revealed and you can quickly get online and surf the web and be safe as well.